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Freedom to access your data, your way. With your built-in identities.

Other Solutions Proxy Your Data Access

When moving data to the public cloud, customers are faced with a couple of different options for securing and governing that data access. The first is to make use of cloud-native features to secure your data. The second is to make use of technology that proxies your data access. The third is to hand all control of your data to a third party. All the options present a set of tradeoffs that customers must consider.

With cloud-native tooling, you often are not able to achieve the level of granularity you are looking for when it comes to securing your data. While security features exist, they are often hard to implement at scale and in an effective manner.

Proxies act as a choke point between you and your data. In order to configure them correctly, you need to duplicate your identies and your business logic into those toolsets. This can lead to concerns such as scaling and vendor lock-in.

The last option is to ingest all your data into a third party platform. In this model, you relinquish direct control of your data. You are locked-in to the vendor ecosphere and are generally charged penalties to move off of that third party platform.

The Daturic approach sits somewhere between being completely cloud-native and using a proxy. By leaveraging automation, we make the cloud-native tooling work at scale to secure your data.

Daturic is cloud-native and proxy free

Cloud-Native, Like Your Data Lake

You've chosen your cloud data lakes for their scalability and compatibility features. Because Daturic doesn't use a proxy, all those attributes still apply to your solution. We leaverage automation to bridge the gap between cloud-native tooling and your access control requirements.

Ties in Directly With Your Identity Store

Your data lakes are already designed to use your cloud-native identity store. We work with that design in mind. Daturic crystalizes our policies directly into your identity store. Use those policies like you would use any other group or role membership. The best part? All the features you've come to expect with your identity store will work natively with Daturic.

Security for All Your Tools

No need to worry about compatibility issues. If your tools can use your data lakes' native user authentication and authorization system, it will be compatible with our solution.