Clipboard checkFeature - Audit Visibility

Make audit a first-party feature when you secure and manage your data lakes.

Centralized Audit

From a security and governance perspective, there are many components that need to be audited to ensure your controls are being effectively applied over your data assets. We typically talk about this concept in terms of planes.

The first of these to consider is the management plane. On your cloud-native data lakes, this represents the actions that occur against your cloud management APIs. This could include actions such as changing permissions or changing firewall rules.

The second plane to consider is the data plane. This plane typically covers all the data actions against your data lakes. This would include get requests and put requests to read or access data.

The last plane to consider is the identity plane. This would include changes to your security posture that can happen due to group/role membership changes.

Daturic aims to unify all of these separate audits into a single place so your administrators can have full visibility into all the actions that effect your data security.

Integrated Identity Audit

Since we work directly with your identity and access provider you can make use of all your standard tools for identity audit. If you are using Azure Active Directory, this includes features such as access reviews, group membership checks, privileged identity management, privileged access management and others.