Feature - Administration Focused

Data access management can be difficult. Give your administrators the tools they need to do the job right.

No Special Data Access

Traditionally, in order to manage/administer data lakes, administrators needed access directly to the data within the lake. The result was that administrators needed to be added to data risk models, and their actions needed to be strictly controlled.

Daturic helps to solve the challenge of administrators of data lakes also having access to the data. Delegate those permissions to us, and we provide a folder only view to your administrators.

Administrative View

Daturic was built specifically for data lake administrators. We've provided views, centralized audits, and added tagging/policies all so your data lake adminsitrators can more effectively and accurately govern your data.

The Daturic toolset takes a dev-sec-ops approach to managing your data lakes, and we've made that power available to you. Advanced users can target our APIs directly from their own automation scripts and processes.

This tool was designed for your administrators. The goal is to give them the visibility and actionable information they need to make appropriate access control decisions and respond to incidents.

Don't like using the web experience? No problem. Our command-line interface (CLI) is fully functional.

Standard Identity and Access Control Processes

Our tool crystalizes all access permissions into standard identity and access control mechanisms for your data lakes. Because of this, your identity administrators do not need to learn another permission system. Let your data administrators create your access policies and let your identity administrators govern group/role memberships.

As an added benefit of this approach, all your existing processes and tooling for granting access will work seemlessly.